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Whoa: Wynn Diamond Tower Rendering

Wynn Diamond Suites Encore Macau Tower Rendering

As most avid "future casino rendering" collectors will be sure to tell you, stumbling across a leaked architectural rendering by the folks at Wynn Design & Development is a true rarity. The above rendering, sent to us by reader Brian, has been making the rounds as of late and I thought we would share it with some of you.

I have no idea where it originated from, who leaked it, or whether or not it is an accurate portrayal of what Encore Macau (aka Wynn Diamond Suites) is going to look like. Come to think of it, I haven't seen a construction status photo of Encore Macau in ages so if you happen to have one of those please send it in so we can compare.

It is just me or does it look like a blouse?

Thanks for sharing B!


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Some fairly recent construction shots via flickr: 🔗 

I saw this rendering off a random Macau blog a couple weeks ago thinking that it must have been a very old, scrapped idea. After all, why would Wynn depart from the swoop and continuous bronze facade, especially after changing the name from Diamond Suites to Encore, when it parallels the Las Vegas flagships so well.

After studying the construction photos, though, I see that there's no staircase/suite bulge on the side of the building like in the previous "Wynn Collection" towers leading me to believe that this is what the final product will look like.

This image can be found at the construction site of the Wynn Macau.

I should have been down there last weekend...thanks for rubbing it in.

Last time I was there (mid Sept.) the finished pouring concrete for about three floors. Before (early August) that about two floors. So one would assume they are up to 4+ by now.

As far as design and layout, I am unconvinced the construction I saw will look like the photo above. One thing that strikes me about it is how narrow the property is. This combined with the promise of it being an "all suite hotel" (yes the inadvertent reference to the Rio puts a smile on my face and makes chills go down my spine at the same time), makes me wonder if it will have a layout of the rooms with the outward view (Starworld and le Arc), and the corridor having the inside Wynn complex view. Also, I think the construction agrees with this, there is separate check-in area for the place, and should be at least a restaurant and maybe high roller casino space separate from the Wynn property itself (save a connection tto the main casino floor).

Last note, I have heard that the property will be 100% comped high rollers.

Oh one final note about that drawing.

In my nine years living and traveling asia, I have yet to see ONE artist rendering of a planned building that accurately represents the scale of the building or the physical reality around it.

its a shame that this side of the building is going to stare right into the side of starworld. if i were to design it, id swoop the opposite direction even more dramatically

I still believe it will be a twin tower as per the original design, similar as Wynn Macau.

Sigh, I am beginning to miss Macau like I used to miss Vegas.

Do you know how many floors Encore Macau will be? Will it be taller than Le Royal Arc?


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