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MrM's Macau Trip Report

Reader Mr. M just got back from Macau and emailed us some of his impressions from the trip. We can't thank him enough for taking the time to write all this stuff out, particularly since English isn't his native tongue (he's from Switzerland). There's lots of great info in here... thanks again Mr. M! Take it away:

Return from my visit No. 2 to Macau.. Just one, two, three points...

MGM Grand (My Hotel at this stay): Wow, what a place! Great, luxury and a service on the top end of it all. VIP hotel lobby was a dream, totally different than the rest of the hotel. It had no minute regret that my favorite Wynn was fully booked. Pics from my room in the few days.

Shoppes at Four Seasons/DFS Galleria: Brand new.. a lot of shops in the high-end level, but all in all not a new, different experience to other shopping malls.

Four Seasons: Typical Four Seasons look; noble and elegant. One thing I noticed, extremely few people were in the public sector hotel encountered. In front of the hotel, i have 3 times waiting for a taxi and no one is a car arrived or away. The Plaza Casino: This brand new casino is directly linked to the Four Seasons. The design is typical Las Vegas Sands; a large hall and in the middle a bar with a live band. Las Vegas Sands is unfortunately not succeed, an intimate design a la Wynn. The chairs are excellent and the staff extremely friendly. Interesting, officially called the Casino Plaza, but the uniform of the staff is that of the Venetian and it also plays with chips of Venetian.

Poker: Meanwhile there are 3 poker rooms in Macao. It would be wrong by a veritable boom to speak, but the fact is slowly underway. The best poker room is in the Grand Waldo Casino. PokerStars has an optimal environment for poker friends created. The room is well managed and even has a small bar and lounge including TV, etc.. In the Starworld are all Pokertec tables disappeared. Nobody wanted to play at this table. There is a new small poker room on the second floor. There too friendly staff and nice, friendly players. The largest poker room can be found in the Grand Lisboa. Unfortunately, I must say that this poker room is extremely bad. It is not acceptable that the poker room once appeared, only if you previously registered as a player. Even my girlfriend was very unfriendly approached the area to leave immediately because they are not played. Quite different from PokerStars, where she was offered a chair and got free drinks.

Poker is coming to the Wynn Macau. Opening Date is November, 6. I am almost sure that it is only a matter of time until poker in the MGM Grand and perhaps also in the Venetian is offered.

Craps: New three tables in the Wynn and MGM Grand with standard 3-4-5-odds. One Mini Craps in the Plaza Casino.

MGM Grand VIP Casino: In the MGM Grand, there is a second semi-open beautiful casino (on floor no. 2). Small with 14 tables including 2 Blackjack tables and one Roulette.This out-of-state Casino is really only for VIP guests. However, it is also possible as normal player play there with the black VIP card. Get this, if you agree play with Blackjack USD 40 or Roulette USD 10 min.

Le Reve: Do you remember the discussion about 6 months before Picasso's painting. I saw Le Reve on 9 october again at the same place in the Wynn. Unfortunately, it was impossible for a photo like this to make too many security people were there. However, I wonder whether it is really the true picture, because from October, 15 Le Reve is in Manhattan [at the show. it can't be in two places at once, which would confirm that the Macau Le Reve is most likely reproduction - C]

Crown: The Crown Casino was again rebuilt. Only in the lowest floor is the normal casino. All other spaces are now AMAX. Something was odd, at all the Cashier cages there, I saw [donation] boxes for the Red Cross.

Apologize for my bad English. I hope you at least half of which understood what I've written :-)



Comments & Discussion:

Somehow this did not end up here, but somewhere else. I hope I am not too late:

Great report, a few questions and comments.

You describe the craps table at the Plaza/Four Seasons as "mini-craps". When I hear that I think of the bathtub sized thing they try in Vegas every so often. When I was there in September their table was smaller than normal, but still looked like a craps table from afar. Has the Plaza changed its table to the bathtub?

I have to agree with you on the shopping. Macau likely now has more Louis Vitton shops per capita and square mile than anywhere else in the world.

You're right, it is a normal Craps table, just smaller.

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