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About Those Layoffs at MGM

Reader alby22 posted a comment the other day with the trailing tease...

A bit of gossip - word on the street is that MGM are about to lay off a heap of their imported staff.

I've run a little interference with our mole inside MGM confirms that there have been layoffs at MGM, but they were a part of a move by the Macau government to trim the number of non-skilled expatriates working at many different casinos in Macau. The layoffs happened at a number of joints around town, not just MGM Grand Macau. They reiterated that the layoffs are not related to the economy whatsoever.


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Macau Government
Macau Government
Macau Government
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Great report, a few questions and comments.

You describe the craps table at the Plaza/Four Seasons as "mini-craps". When I hear that I think of the bathtub sized thing they try in Vegas every so often. When I was there in September their table was smaller than normal, but still looked like a craps table from afar. Has the Plaza changed its table to the bathtub?

I have to agree with you on the shopping. Macau likely now has more Louis Vitton shops per capita and square mile than anywhere else in the world.

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