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Exploring the Galaxy Star World Hotel Casino

The Galaxy Star World shuttle pulled up and I hopped on.

StarWorld is about 2 minutes drive from the Ferry Terminal. The shuttle pulled up to the main entrance and I dragged my bags inside with a little help from Christopher, my new best friend bell hop. StarWorld's receptionist ran my passport and said "You are one of our VIP Guests, let me take you to VIP check in." I looked behind and around me to be sure that the receptionist was talking to me and not to the person who is supposed to get the VIP treatment. Apparently I'm a VIP at StarWorld... interesting. I headed over to the VIP area, checked in and Christopher helped me to my room... 29th floor, corner room overlooking Wynn & Hotel Lisboa. I'm not going to go into details about what the room is like until I write up the formal review, but let me tell you... this joint is amazing. The room is just plain elegant, hip and gorgeous. The oft used expression: 'holy shit' is very applicable here.

When preparing for the trip, I googled what kind of power adaptors they use over here. Apparently, the information I found was incorrect... being that this is a former European colony, they use the 220v UK style three prong plug. I mentioned this to Christopher and he said he would take care of it. Not but three minutes later, housekeeping delivered a plug adapter. As if that weren't enough, the concierge phoned a half hour later to make sure that everything was OK and the adapter was suitable for my usage. They also sent up an ethernet cable for the complimentary internet access too. The long and short of it: the service here is amazing.

After getting settled in the room I wandered about the casino a little bit. The casino here is on 3 different floors and you have to go through a metal detector to enter the casino. The security guards look through your bags as well. Camera bags are OK. The first floor of the casino is packed with baccarat, sicbo, and blackjack tables. There are a handful of slots and electronic table games in the outlying areas as well. All the slots at StarWorld are of the video variety. I plopped down at one of the electronic Sic Bo tables, stuck in a HK$20 (US$2.50) and lost it in the first roll of the dice (I bet on 5/6 - a yo). I stuck in another HK$20 and rode it for a while, was even up HK$40 at one point then lost it all. I played for about a half-hour.

Two middle aged ladies hopped on the table with me, taking notes on the dice outcomes 'bacarrat' style to hopefully gain some insight into what was going to happen. They didn't bet, either of them, just followed the numbers. They looked at me bewildered when I got up and left. I had fun providing their entertainment, but it was time to split.

I wandered about the casino a little bit more and exchanged some cash at the cage. I was intending to purchase some chips for some of my chip collecting friends (me too!) when I noticed this lady standing next to me on the cage line. I looked at her, and she was very creepily violating my sense of personal space. Semi-spooked, I got on another line at the cage... Creepo followed me over there and stood behind me. To confirm that she was trailing me, I jumped back over to the first line on the other side of the cage. Needless to say, Creepo followed me and did another 'standing too close to me' move.

Was this decently dressed, middle aged lady a) a nut b) wants to get jiggy with the American guy c) following me d) gonna make a move on my cash? I had no idea, and didn't want to find out. I hoisted the sails and left the casino altogether.

As I was going down the escalator into the lobby, I noticed a gaggle of showgirls wearing feather crowns and tacky playing card outfits. They kindly obliged a coupla photos, blew me some kisses and made all sorts of interesting noises. Thank you creepy lady for scaring me into the arms of a bevy of showgirl beauties!

I made my way to the hotel elevator and hiked it up to 29 and ordered some room service - Fettucine with Sun Dried Tomato and Bacon, and a Caesar Salad with Spicy shrimp on a fresh bamboo skewer. I wheeled the room service table to the window so I could watch the sun set and the neon rise on downtown Macau.

What a great, relaxing and enjoyable meal. Other than the noodles being a little al dente for my tastes, the food was exquisitely delicious. One more minor gripe, the coffee pot only held 1.5 cups of coffee... not nearly enough for a joe junkie like me. Of course the full details of this experience will come with the full review at a later date.

So, that is where I've been since the last time we spoke. Right now, I'm going to get the camera together and hit the strip for some extensive photography, then come back here and hit the sack.

Tomorrow, I'm going to check out of Star World and into Casino Lisboa. Also, I will be meeting with the folks from MGM Grand Paradise to check out the model of their property and ask them a bunch of questions. If you've got any you want me to ask, add them to the comments or email me - charles@ (the domain for the email is


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