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Thank You To Our Contributors!

I am continually amazed by the kindness, intelligence and generosity of the folks who visit our sites. Never beyond my wildest dreams did I ever expect that there were as many casino tripping addicts all over the world, let alone ones who are as awesome as you guys are.

Once again, I am humbled by a very generous donation to the 2009 Cotai Trip Fund.

Thank You Mr. M From Switzerland!

Once again Mr. M from Switzerland knocked it out of the park with an incredibly generous and very lucky donation. Thank you M!

Regarding the Cotai 2009... the trip is still tentatively scheduled for the opening of City of Dreams, which should be in mid-2009, and will cover Galaxy Macau (construction), Grand Lisboa (stay/review), MGM Grand Macau (stay review), Macao Studio City (construction), Sands Macao (stay review), Wynn Diamond Suites (construction), Four Seasons Macao and the centerpiece of the trip - live blogging/Twitter coverage of City of Dreams' Grand Opening Ceremony (which will include multiple stays in each hotel tower/reviews). I'm also hoping to schedule some kind of 'meetup' with all the folks in the Macau/HK area whom I've had the sheer pleasure to get to know. Possibly drinks and cigars on the roof top lounge at Crown's Aurora?

I'm hoping that the folks at MPEL will grant me press access to the property for preview tours and guarantee reservations at Hard Rock & Crown Cotai for the opening days (which I'll pay for.) They've been great to us so far, so I'm pretty optimistic that they'll come through.

For a little background on the donation drive, including some dissenting opinions on my giving folks the opportunity to support what we do here, read the what's and why's in a post from March 2008.

One more thing... re: the MPEL call. I'm a little busy dealing with a bunch of leftovers for VegasTripping right now, including a redesign of our message board, so the call is going to be on hold for another few weeks before I have time to approach them for an info request. Just an FYI that I haven't forgotten.


Comments & Discussion:

You can scratch Studio City off that list. Hunter has not posted my photos yet, but that place is a short forest of overgrown weeds and rusty rebar (salty air tropical humidity = not a place to preserve a construction site). There was not man or machine in sight when I was there last week.

Meanwhile, depending on the date, I look forward to lighting up a Cuban with you at the Crown next year (or at the nearest craps table).

book it! ceegars at Aurora!

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