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New New Hotel Lisboa Macau - Version 8 & 9 (City of Dreams)

Here's the final, ninth installment of our tour of new designs for Casino Lisboa.

This one features two variations on the same design, which vary only on the design of the casino podium. The hotel towers are directly poached from the look of the towers at City of Dreams. Hysterical.

The left tower is a replica of the Hyatt at City of Dreams, the center a replica of the Hard Rock at City of Dreams (complete with the sky bar on the roof) and the other two are somewhat similar to the Hyatt redux.

The original Hotel Lisboa tower remains part of this design although it's been surrounded by squares.

The ripping off of City of Dreams is incredibly obvious in the renderings. I do think that retaining the Lisboa rainbow light show is a great idea.

Thievery! And the proof.

This is the second variation on the City of Dreams theme, but with the original Casino Lisboa tower turned into an ornamental pavilion on the pool deck.

Side view, unseen in the other designs. Apparently, in this alternate reality, Hotel Lisboa gets its beachfront property back.

I wonder what the green stuff on the roof is. A putting green like the Venetian Macao has?

Well, all in all these are definitely interesting designs. Even the knock offs are well done, and certainly amusing to look at. I've still got my money on the one with the onion shaped pods out front.


Comments & Discussion:

Chuck, I can't seem to see the photos for the #8 and #9 concepts. I can see the photos for all the other entries. Do you think you could re=post?
-Thanks for posting all those photos btw

i goofed. thx jcd!

Chuck, not sure if you got the news, but AMAX released a statement today saying that the rumors about them leaving Crown are untrue.

Crown Taipa aside, I am growing increasingly curious about MPEL's plans for COD. I am starting to feel that they may really be using digital screens inside the casino to simulate an underwater environment, without needing to actually use safety-hazardous real water. This would fit in with their description of creating an "immersive" experience at COD. However, if not done well, this could come off as being a tacky, albeit expensive, way of catching short-term attention, but not long-term success.

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