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Goooooood Morning Hong Kong!

What a difference a full nights sleep makes. At 9am local time, I sat up straight in bed, eyes wide open... trying to remember where I was and what the hell I was doing here. Oh right... Hong Kong, Holiday Inn, i'm going to Macau... thats right.

The Mini Bar at the Holiday Inn

I laid back down and snoozed for another hour or so reached over and grabbed the room service menu and ordered up the "American Breakfast" - 2 eggs over easy, bacon, corn flakes, two rolls & a croissant, orange juice and good god a large pot of coffee. A very good breakfast indeed, and I'm a conosseur of 'American Breakfast' via room service.

After a couple more cups of joe, i'm gonna pack this circus up and take the turbojet over to Macau... more in a few hours.


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Wawaweewa!! What a way to wake up. So the do American Breakfast™ justice then eh? How was the joe? Not comparable to peet's I'm sure. Glad to hear you are all good over there.

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