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Four Seasons Macao Grand Opening Room Preview

The Four Seasons Macao officially opens today (or tomorrow depending on where you are located) August 28th, 2008.

Here's some of what you can expect from the rooms:

Four Seasons Macao Cotai Strip

Is it me, or are all these "luxury" hotel rooms virtually identical to each other. The pleated headboard, tubular bolster throw pillows, brown accents, curved furniture, striped piping on the comforters. Yes, it looks clean and quite sharp, but I doubt very much if I could discern from it's styling whether or not this is Four Seasons or a spiffy new room at Mandalay Bay. It probably should be stated that Four Seasons is the Four Seasons not because of exciting interior design, but instead by the quality of service.

Four Seasons Macao Cotai Strip

Nice work here... I like the cabinetry which encases the sink's countertops although there should've been a more concerted effort at hiding the pipes, or at least making them look less like pipes. (See Wynn Macau).

The microwave above the tub is a great idea... I often long for the part-frozen, part-scalding culinary explosion that is a Hot Pocket while engaged in a good soak. Oh right... that's a TV... silly me.

I sure hope that big soft sponge comes as standard amenity. I'm definitely bringing that thing home when I hit the Four Seasons Macao in '09.

All in all, nice sharp designs, a little bo-rang, but hey.


Comments & Discussion:

Tomorrow there will be a major press conference by LVS that will coincide with the opening ceremony of the Four Seasons Macao. The press conference will obviously cover many aspects of the Four Seasons, but will also feature the results of a recently completed survey by LVS about the macau gaming market. Unfortunately the event is only open to those with a press pass (I asked), so I will not be able to attend. I hope they will be publishing the presentation on their website. I'm very excited about the juicy data they've collected...

I hope that the rest of the Four Seasons more surprised (restaurants, bars, hotel design in general and especially the casino). Rooms pictures we could see anywhere in the doing. Until now, we see no state of the art architecture / designelements as the Wynn, Crown, Starworld or MGM Grand Macau.

MisterM - few if any properties can match the dazzle of Rocco Yim's architecture for StarWorld. I could stand outside and look at StarWorld for a week straight.

That is correct. A casino may look calm after glitzer with a lot of neon and bling bling (I miss the Stardust Sign!).

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