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Hong Kong Phooey

I just got settled into the Holiday Inn here in Kowloon, Hong Kong. I've only given it a cursory walk throught but id say it's a nice joint and great service from the front desk folks.

I took a short walk around the area, ended up at a 7-11 and got some snacks for back at the room. My original plans of hiking it down to take photos of the skyline isn't gonna happen tonight. 20 hours of travel (its 10 AM on Wednesday, L.A. time as i write this - 1am Thursday here in Hong Kong.)

The Airport Express train from HKG to Kowloon couldn't be any easier to figure out... its right in the airport. At the Kowloon station I took a cab to the hotel. I'm glad I did since it was much further and more complex of a walk that I had led myself to believe. The fare was a paltry HK$30 approx US$4.

I exchange a hundred bucks US to HKD at the airport. They only gave me $7.19 on the dollar. I'm sure there is better rates to be had at the many Bank of China outposts.

As you can tell, i'm not my usual zesty self, just plain worn out from travel. I can't really sleep on airplanes. I kinda doze off into this weird woozy place then get the feeling that i'm falling or dropping something and jolt back awake. The guy at the front desk here could tell I was wasted and signed me up for a 2pm check out time tomorrow. Doubtful you'll ever get that kind of service/suggestion at The Venetian... checking in at midnight is par for the course.

Sunset at Narita Airport, Tokyo

Sunset from the Tokyo airport was awesome.


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