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Recent Comments Thingy

One of my favorite things about many blogs is the "Recent Comments" listing in the sidebar. Very often folks post great comments to older posts that most of us don't go back and re-read. As a result, I cobbled together a coupla lines of code that grabs the latest comments posted with links to the original post.

Due to the fact that all of our stuff is coded by hand, from scratch, the hard way, by me, at ungodly hours of the night, each little piece of functionality requires more than downloading and installing software plugins. The positive side of home brewing this stuff is we can do whatever we want and there's also less of a chance that we'll be exploited by internet worms and whatnot.

The bones of the matter are... I added a "Recent Comments" thingy which you can see on the right side of the page there.

Since this blog has become somewhat sprawling in the year or so it's been around, it's probably high time to start adding "categories" to posts so folks who are interested in "Crown" or "Hookers" can easily snack on all the post in said category.

If y'all have any other suggestions that will make it easier for you to access, find, retrieve and interact with this stuff... I'm all ears.


Comments & Discussion:

Thats a great website with many unique features... thats only one thing that i missing up to this date... just this sidebar with a overlook about the new comments... Chuck, thats a good idea, congratulations! MrM(acao)

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