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And We're Back...

It's amazing how time flies when you're charged with doing nothing but have a good time. That is not to say that scouring under rocks for Macau tripper nuggets isn't fun, but a simple comparison of sitting at a computer reading hundreds of pieces of online media vs. sitting on a surfboard in the Pacific ocean yields obvious discrepancies.

I did manage to tear myself away from relaxation to talk MGM & LVS with the VegasGangsters, offering some punditry on a handful of Macau related issues that came to light during both companies' quarterly earnings calls.

If you happen to be in Vegas this weekend - so will I, representing 20% of the VegasGang - at the Vegas Podcastapalooza on Saturday afternoon. Follow the link to get the details. Be sure to stop by and say hello... I'm the funny looking one.


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Chuck, a long time ago you predicted that Harrahs may buy Galaxy.
Well there is a very strong rumor in Macau that it is going to happen on the 1st November. It will be interesting to see as this would be the best thing for anyone who is invoved with Galaxy. Workers and shareholders alike.

I'm a bit surprised about the timing if this true. Harrah's has a huge debt load already... where are they going to get the loot for this on favorable terms?

With the credit crisis and the arse falling out of the casino industry world wide it does seem very strange.
Maybe they could swap them for the worlds most over priced golf course. Or maybe after all, it's just a rumor and there is plenty of them floating around Macau.

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