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SJM Talks IPO Again

SJM - Sociedade de Jugos de Macau - is talking IPO again. They plan to raise US$654M in an initial stock offering, down from the US$1B they initially had planned. Could the shaving off of US$350M be a valuation reduction based on the US dollar's steady weakening?

Read more at the Malaysia Star

PS. I know it's been a coupla weeks since I've posted, I've been busy dealing with a backlog of stuff to be posted on VegasTripping. As time permits, I've been doing a bunch of research about some of the other LVS parcels on Cotai - Hilton, Conrad, Raffles etc.. The results will hopefully see the light of day sometime this week. I'm also on the cusp of the research phase for the book as well.

Please don't hate moi!


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What book?

A book on Macau, of course. :D

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