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Galaxy Cotai Mega Resort Construction Update

At long last, here's the final piece from the batch of photos that uber reader jcdarosa sent us a few weeks ago, a construction photo of the Galaxy Cotai Mega Resort. Again, we offer big huge thanks to our man j for his extreme generosity in sharing this excellent collection of photos.

Galaxy Mega Resort 2008

I've been waiting for the Galaxy MegaResort's hotel towers to top out like a kid listening for reindeer hooves on the roof. The big question - will they or won't they build a resort as outrageously adventurous as the architectural wonder that is StarWorld? Or, will they attempt to compete with the 1999 vision of Las Vegas in Asia that is the Venetian Macao by building something of the same zeitgeist?

Well... there it is. Galaxy Entertainment's bafflingly baffling megaresort themed megaresort. Curtain wall by Mandalay Bay, concrete filigree by Excalibur, arched windows by Aladdin (mk II)... and an odd throwback - sloping lower terraces by Atlantic City Showboat (via Xanadu).

Possibly the Galaxy folks knew straight away that the mantle of architectural achievement was pwned by the Packer/Ho brain trust's City of Dreams. Or they're are building a Disneyland styled Magic Castle Casino in advance of Cotai's theoretical 'entertainment center' future. Or they have no idea what they're doing whatsoever.

Galaxy Cotai MegaResort Renderings

Apparently, something happened on the way to the Forum Shops.

To the left is an earlier, architecturally sleek rendering of the proposed MegaResort property. To the right is the version that is currently being built. There are probably at least 15 other renderings of this property out there as well... most of them look like the version on the left. It almost looks like they flew a designer to Vegas to bring back 'the latest and greatest achievements in megaresortism.' The designer, under tight deadlines, opted to assess the current state of Las Vegas casinos from a Gate 24 adjacent Cinnabon for 20 minutes, only to hop on the next plane to Hong Kong.

Maybe I'm being overly harsh here. Not every building in the world needs to be an architectural wonder. But the fact of the matter is that you cannot stuff the genie back into the lamp and then be surprised when it pops out again (i.e. Aladdin mk II).

Galaxy Cotai MegaResort Construction Photos

Hunchback not included.


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