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Turd Polishing Dept: Casino Lisboa Main Pit Completely Redesigned

Casino Lisboa - Casino Floor Redesign

From the Turd Polishing Dept, the venerable Casino Lisboa has completed a total redesign and redecoration of its notoriously dingy main casino pit to match the south east entrance makeover we mentioned last week.

Anyone who has been to Casino Lisboa's main casino pit knows full well what lies within. In case you haven't, you can read my original post about it, or enjoy this lovely and unbelievably accurate description sent to us by reader JamesAt15 a few months ago which long time readers surely remember. Take it away James!

I took one photo of the outside of the Lisboa, before going inside, hoping to find a Vegas-style casino and play some Blackjack. Instead I found an aging, dirty, somewhat scary-looking joint filled with aging, dirty, somewhat scary-looking Chinese men playing games I didn't recognize. I left quickly.

All jokes aside, the continual stream of upgrades at the Old Lisboa are exactly what the Chinese/Macau government was envisioning when they ended SJM's gaming monopoly and let a competitive market thrive. If they didn't open the doors to the Wynns of the world, there's a damn good chance that Casino Lisboa would be identical today as it was in 2000.

We've all seen this before numerous times in Las Vegas - Mirage 1989, Bellagio 1998, Wynn 2004. That's not to say that Steve Wynn is directly responsible for every casino construction boom wave, but he certainly had a big hand in pushing over the earliest and largest dominoes in the train.

Eight cheers for the new Casino Lisboa!


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