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Recap: Vegas Comes To China Episode 2 : The Venetian Gamble

Canadiancrapsshooter has kindly sent us another recap of National Geographic's Vegas Comes to ChinaMacau docureality show (which, by all accounts STILL isn't airing in the U.S.). Big thanks and props for sharing with us! Here's his recap:

Episode 2 - "The Venetian Gamble" Chronicles the final stages of construction on the Venetian Macau which will be one of the largest buildings in the world when completed (the third largest). Project Manager, Steve Daniels, is shown throughout the episode pushing his workers to complete construction on time, in particular a special pool for some VIP guests. Interior construction is almost complete with the sky ceiling being finished and store owners moving inventory into their shops.

Soccer team Manchester United were invited to play an exhibition game at The Venetian Arena a month before the resort's opening. This provided great advertising for Venetian Macau with an estimated 1.5 billion households watching the soccer match. The resort had banners scattered all around the field which allowed them to advertise their grand opening date to millions of people in mainland China where gambling and advertising gambling is illegal.

Training of the hundreds of employees needed to run the the resort was highlighted. Both dealers and limousine drivers were followed by the cameras and were interviewed. Some of the customs and traditions of the employees were shown, including roasting a pig which is said to bring prosperity to all who eat it. Mark Brown, president of Venetian Macau, held what amounted to a prep rally for his thousands of employees. The employees, packed in the arena, were coached by Brown to do the wave (gotta love team-building).

The grand opening included many festivities. A 15 minute Cirque Du Soleil show was developed especially for the event. A ribbon cutting for the opening of the Grand Canal Shoppes and a "throwing the switch" ceremony for the official opening of the resort, complete with fireworks and an exterior light show.

This episode is chock full of great shots of the Cotai Strip. There was also a healthy dose of interior and exterior construction shots. There was a segment about the painting of the sky ceiling in the Grand Canal Shoppes and another about the completion of a VIP pool for the ManU visit.

Sheldon Adelson was prominently displayed in this episode, giving interviews to the press and being involved with the grand opening celebration. He was, of course, involved in the "throwing of the switch" which officially opened the resort at exactly 7:18PM (good feng shui time).

I'll leave you with two of the many great quotes in this episode.

When asked about coming back after the opening to complete the construction of the canal shoppes one of the workers replied:

Once this big casino machine starts rolling and printing money, you don't want to shut the printer down for any reason whatsoever

By far my favorite quote came from Mr. Adelson. When asked about the risks of opening a mega-resort in Macau he replied:

Its not a gamble, its a sureity. Do Asians gamble? Does a bear poop in the woods?

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