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Galaxy StarWorld Casino - Whoa

For most of you, this blog is an introduction to Macau's casinos. You've surely been to Vegas, and traipsed the tiles and marble at Wynn and Venetian. I'm willing to bet that their Macau counterparts don't stray too far from their Nevada siblings in vibe, decor, tone and service. Surprises abound in Macau however, and one of the best jacks in the box is Galaxy Star World Casino.

There are, however a ton more joints in Macau being built by operators who currently aren't running carpet joints in Las Vegas. Of these, my favorite - at least from the photos I've seen - is the Galaxy StarWorld Casino. Galaxy StarWorld's first fully owned and operated casino in Macau, they previously rented some floors in hotels and operated at a 4% commission, opened in 2005. It was designed by the freakishly talented Hong Kong-based architect Rocco Yim.

Photo by shadybones (via Panoramio)

I'm not really sure exactly how to describe this building, but the blue neon piping screams "Imperial Palace Las Vegas" but with an incredibly Mirage-like reflective twist. I just plain love the juxtaposition of colors, shapes, textures and lighting on Star World. It's loud, exciting, elegant, playful and oddly balanced. Hasbro or Mattel should hire Rocco Yim to create a combination Lite-Brite/Lego architecture toy. I'd buy thirty of em.


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There is one lonely craps table in Macau that I know of. It is located in the Wynn and has not been there long. On a recent trip at night the table was full with players. The next morning no one was playing. Was not able to get close enough to see how the dealers were handling the play and the math.

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