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Recap : Vegas Comes to China - Episode 1 : Boomtown

We've got a guest post from MT reader Richard (aka Canadiancrapsshooter) who tipped us off about the Macau casino TV show Vegas Comes To China. Apparently, it's more of an American Casino style reality show than a four part in depth documentary about the casino boom. Any Macau is better than no Macau as far as I'm concerned, let's just hope it's better than Golden Nugget realitard show The Casino.

Richard has gone and written up a recap of the first episode, entitled Boomtown. This is great stuff, mostly because the show currently isn't airing in the U.S. (as far as I can tell). If anyone happens to find the show in the torrents or online, please send us a link. Thanks for the recap Richard! Take it away...

Episode 1 - "Boomtown" gives a look at how the growth of Macau, China, as a gambling hot spot has affected the region's population. This episode focuses on the Venetian, with a few beauty shots of the other resorts (Wynn, Sands, Rio, Grand Lisboa, etc) thrown in for good measure. It follows a few different people on their journey in Macau. It even has the usual British narrator.

The shortage of properly trained dealers is giving Macau operations a hard time. Only Macau citizens can work as dealers in casinos. The government is funding dealer training centers but even with this added help the casinos are poaching dealers from other resorts (go figure). The locals are also upset that the casinos are not giving enough money back to the community. There is a rare protest filmed for one part of the show.

The Venetian, with it's canals three times as big as it's Vegas counterpart, is having troubles finding suitable gondoliers. A trip to the Philippines to recruit workers only yields 5 new staff. Apparently Asians have a hard time with the Italian accent. In one scene of the show, a gondola was placed in the canal revealing two propellers on the underside. I've been on a gondola in Vegas and I was sure the gondolier was propelling the boat himself (maybe I'm wrong).

Robert, a costume designer, is one of the people that you follow through the show. Trying to get a deal with the Venetian, he first meets with the brass. He then goes shopping for fabric, and later he tries to find the suitable factory to construct the costumes. At one point he bitches about not getting a deposit from the hotel. All of this leads up to him being rejected and the Venetian ordering costumes from Vegas.

Overall, the show is worth watching. It's got lots of visuals from the region as well as some nice behind-the-scenes info. There is a Mr. Power (I couldn't make that up if I tried) and some guy who makes fun of a girls' shoes which is rather entertaining. One of the gondoliers transplanted from Vegas even described Macau as "very Vegas". Anyone interested in Macau should definitely watch this show.

One more thing. The new Vegas commercial was played during one of the show's breaks. Who the hell came up with "Your Vegas is showing"?

- Richard aka CanadianCrapShooter


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I've currently watched two episodes in the UK it is a documentary with the first episode being an introduction into Macau and the second one is about the building of the Venetian.

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