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Four Part Macau Casino Biz Documentary On Cable

Vegas Comes To China This is one of those few times a year when I wish I had cable TV. One of our readers Richard, sent us an email pointing our attention to Vegas Comes To China, a four part series about the early stages of the post-concession gambling business in Macau.

Here's the show description:

With more than $6.9 billion U.S. a year in revenue at stake, gambling casino kings are engaged in a race where winner could take all. But, it's not Las Vegas that has entrepreneurs and fortune-seekers salivating over a gamblers' goldmine. The new gambling capital of the world is halfway across the globe in Macau, China. Vegas Comes to China follows two businessmen's high-risk wager to become the next mogul in Macau's gambling scene. From the mammoth undertaking of building the largest casino in the world to the high profile launch, this four-part series shares the successes and challenges of entrepreneurship at work in rapidly-developing China.

The show airs on the National Geographic Channel on Tuesdays at 9PM ET/PT. Hopefully it will end up on the internet somewhere.

Reader Sperman found this:


Comments & Discussion:

i jus checked my digital guide and i don say anythin bout it... hopefully its on anyway...

found a comercial for it on youtube... 🔗 

Has anyone had any luck finding this show on the US National Geographic Channel?

You would think that with 999 channels on the box, at least one of them would be NGC Canada. But noooooooo.....

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