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Cough * Hack * Hello

Catching a death-cold at the exact same time a 100+ degree heat wave pummels my home really, really, REALLY sucks. Yeah, i've got a *sniffle* swamp cooler in the window, but *cough* when it's that hot, it just doesn't do the job y'know.

Enough of my bitchin and *achoo* moanin.

Here's a coupla the latest bits:

MT reader Kenmack (who sent us these killer shots) dropped a line mentioning that tickets for Cirque du Soleil : Cosmos at the Venetian Macao are currently on sale for Citibank VISA cardholders. Tickets top out at MOP$788 (about US$100).

The latest episode of Five Hundy By Midnight - The Original Las Vegas Podcast - heaped a pile of praise onto our sister site VegasTripping as well as proclaimed MacauTripping to be best darn Macau info website in the known universe. It's always great to have all the work we do on MacauTripping noticed. Thank you FiveHundies!

MT Reader, comment poster, board chatterer and (i believe) MPEL fanboy JCDAROSA went to Macau the other day and sent us a grip of photos and a few observations from the Cotai portion of his trip. I'll be gathering all of his stuff into a neat little package in the next day or so. Normally, I'd crank this out but *snifffle* I'm beat and I've only been up for about an hour or so. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow.

Last thing - I set up a dedicated Gmail account for folks to send photos to. Sometimes our internal mail server craps out if the file sizes are too huge. If you've got some photos to share send them here:

Be sure to hit the contact form or email me directly (charles a this domain) so we know something's coming.



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Glad to hear you're feeling better Chuck. Big congrats on the Five Hundy news.

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