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Venetian Macao Review Posted - FINALLY!

Venetian Macao Review

Just when y'all finally gave up bugging me to finish the gosh darn review of the Venetian Macao, I managed to gather up the strength and fortitude to finally give it the last big push.

And it's a monster - 30 or so photos, 14 pages, a coupla thousand words and a four minute video walkthrough.

Again I apologize for taking a near eternity to finish this thing. Unlike Crown, Wynn and Starworld... The Venetian Macao just doesn't get the blood stream flowing with enough creative juices to power through endless hours of photo cropping and hopefully objective analysis.

I'll stop yappin' so you can start readin'.

Ladies and gentlemen, without any further, further, further, further adieu:

» Venetian Macao : MacauTripping Review 2008


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