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Is There an MGM Grand In Vegas, Too?

MGM Venti

Imagine that. The day that someone says "they've got an MGM Grand in Las Vegas too? Is it three shades of gold? And wavy like the Grande Praca?" Perhaps never, perhaps it's already happened. Perhaps perhaps perhaps, Marcia. Maybe I should check to see if the MGM Venti is still there next time I go to Vegas. Oh wait... that's tomorrow.

The long and short of this tomfoolery is that I'm headed off to "America's Macau" for 48 hours of you know what, which will include giving whatever room the MGM Venti happens to stick me with... the bizness.

The second order of business is to continue the hunt for Steve Wynn, in the hopes of convincing him to talk turkey about Macau and Cotai with us every so often. Yeah, I'm dreaming. Wynn Resorts won't touch us with Sheldon Adelson's cane let alone...

Life is full of dreams... y'know Le Reve and all that.

Third order of business is getting away from the computer, at least for a little while. Fingers hurt. Wrists hurt. Head hurts. Mind hurts. Eyes hurt. Aaaand the butt hurts. The word from the sidelines is "everything hurts."

If you need a Macau fix - go check out, tons of goodies up in that thar thang.

See ya Sunday.


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