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Picasso's Le Reve Now Hangs At Wynn Macau

Macau tipster week continues with this tidbit sent to us by Mr. M Going To Vegas II (from Switzerland) who just returned from his first visit to Macau with the high rolling news that the Picasso's Le Reve is now hanging in a Private Gaming salon at Wynn Macau.

"Le Reve" (above), translated The Dream, was the original name for Wynn Las Vegas but was abandoned after Speilberg, Diller and Eisner convinced Steve otherwise. While in the final throes of negotiating a sale of Le Reve, Steve accidentally poked his elbow into the painting during an animated discussion with Barbara Walters and Nora Ephron. Steve and Elaine Wynn (whom I had pleasure to eat) both decided that the Picasso hole poking episode as a 'sign' and decided to cancel the sale.

In addition to hanging prominently in Steve Wynn's WLV office, Le Reve has been seen behind the main registration desk and now in Wynn Macau - hopefully far enough from the casino mogul to prevent further damage.

Thank you Mr. M from Switzerland for the tip!


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Mr M is mistaken. There is no Le Reve at Wynn Macau

alby - gimmie a little more to go on here.

Mr. M says he saw it in one of the VIP salons. A duplicate?

Although there are a few women with male genitalia hanging around, none of them are on the walls and none by Picasso.
On a seperate note, things must be going pretty bad at the Venetian. Several of the shops in the Grand Canal have started laying off staff.
One of the bars who hire mainly Filipino workers has asked them to take a pay cut or leave.
A few chose to leave as they were only being paid US$630 a month with 2 meals a day and free dormitory accommodation.
Unless there is a convention or a big concert on, these places really struggle and when the 4 Seasons shops open it will probably only get worse.

Last night I was at the Wynn and saw Le Reve hanging in the entrance to the VIP Members Only area.

thanks ace! if anyone has a confirm or deny, please post.

Well the mystery deepens. As part of my job I would know if it was there and its not.
It will be interesting to see who else sees it.

First time a saw Le Reve at the (closed) Desert Inn Wynn Gallerie. Than at the Wynn Las Vegas and now in Macau. I trust me to see the difference between a masterwork of any image and picasso! Mr.M

OK Mr M,
Next time you are in Macau let me know and you can show it to me, if it is there I will buy you a beer.

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