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Galaxy Cotai and My Torched Brain

Hopefully, the Melco Mambo has given y'all enough information to chew on for a day or two because I don't think I've got the brain power to finish up the next City of Dreams post. Looking at the presentation materials and renderings Melco PBL provided sent me into an esoteric wonderland which isn't exactly my comfort zone. I truly believe that the poetic waxings contained therein, the analogies drawn and the depth of analysis might possibly be one of the best pieces of writing I've ever done. It's a think piece. As a result, I've got to think a little more. Hopefully I won't blow it.

On a different subject, Galaxy Entertainment has posted their 2007 Annual Report, which caused them to refurbish the part of their corporate website that delivers such things because it didn't have a 'tab' for 2008 presentations.

Along with the 2007 annual report (which I've downloaded but haven't had a chance to dig into yet) they've also published a number of other presentations including two on the Cotai project. One noticeable addition to their PowerPoint presentation boiler plate is a large chunk of text on every page that says something to the effect of "Not For Public Distribution in the United States." Which is a subtle way of saying 'please don't screen shot and do analysis of these pages on MacauTripping, Chuck.'

Fair enough.

We'd be more that happy to get out the badminton racquets and volley the Galaxy Cotai shuttlecock around as we've done with MGM and Melco PBL. So happy, that I inquired thusly via email to their media relations contact. We'll see what they say.

It would be fabulous to see and discuss what they've got planned. StarWorld is a great property and I'm just as excited for the MegaResort as I am about everything else. Unfortunately, details on what they're offering are slim, the renderings that are out there are unbelievably inconsistent and, frankly, Galaxy doesn't communicate very well with the world outside of Asia.

That StarWorld isn't heralded as an architectural achievement in casino design, or even introduced to the world as grandly as other properties in Macau is a travesty. Hopefully the media people at Galaxy will take this opportunity to harness the power of the blogosphere like MGM and Melco PBL have and raise awareness and excitement for their new joints.

Hopefully, they'll grant us some access. If they don't, oh well. Regardless of their decision, we'll keep digging under rocks to see what color the worms are.

Oh, the annual report is here.


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Pretty cool video on their website too (it's in the presentation as well)


P.S. really appreciate your brain-work, Chuck

"It's a think piece."


~Lookin forward to it.

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