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So I Just Got Off The Phone With Melco PBL And...

Just finished the call with Melco PBL, which was even more pleasant than the first one. We're developing a very friendly relationship which I believe will be excellent for all of us, given the proper nurturing. Truth be told, I threw a ton of thorny questions at them, many of which were submitted by you. A handful of outstanding inquiries are going to require future follow up on their behalf. Hopefully they will ping back some answers in the next few days.

For our investor friends who have been drooling with anticipation (patiently, I might add) I've only got generalities for you regarding AMA and market share (see below). As I expected they elected to punt on doling out specific numbers - after I explained to them what "punt" means.

It should be noted that the subjects I probed with them (to an insanely detailed degree) are way way way ahead of the PR curve they are prepared to deal with. Despite a lot of the information not being 'ready for prime time' they did their best to answer when they could, and punt when they had to.

Two subjects I didn't raise with them were your requests that they a) communicate with their investors more clearly and b) issue a press release stating that Crown Macau is the busiest casino in the world. I just don't feel that it's my place to tell Melco PBL how to conduct their business. If you are an investor and want to make suggestions, contact their investor relations department.

Regarding the exact content of what we discussed, I'll be posting the details I've extracted from them later this afternoon (Tuesday, Pacific Time) after I catch some shuteye.

Until then, I'll leave you with this one little morsel re: market share:
December 9%
January 16%
February 18%
March > February


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That's great news Chuck. This newfound relationship with MelcoPBL people seems to really be paying off. I'm really looking forward to reading a complete summary of your conversation soon!

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