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Thank You And More

First off, I want to thank all of the folks who've been keeping the comments and discussion raging on the blog and on The Board. I truly appreciate all of your comments, suggestions, link tip-offs and all the other input and pats on the back you've offered up.

Thank you.

I thought I would let you know in advance that there was no MelcoPBL call this evening, as I had somewhat expected. I will ping my contact on Sunday late late evening (Pacific Time) which will be Monday morning in Hong Kong (where MelcoPBL's offices are). I hope to of get some answers for the bajillion questions which have been posted, commented and emailed to me, largely from the dedicated throng of MPEL investors whose patience with their undervalued stock is wearing thin. Look on the bright side, 15 is a week or less away and your not MGM, which has shed 50% in six months. Aside: Could selling the farm to Dubai to clear up the balance sheet accidentally sunk the company? Interesting to think about.

Sit tight folks. Soon enough you'll have more tomatoes than you'll know what to do with. In the meantime, go read our three part review of Crown Macau and imagine yourself as an AMAX high roller with gobs of cash to blow. Yeah. You get the picture.

I'm happy to be somewhat of a conduit between the MPELites and the MPELers, but keep in mind that I'm a blogger, not a journalist or accredited stock analyst. I find it interesting that both MPEL and its investors have circled around this site as a means of communicating with each other. It's an interesting situation indeed, and one that underscores the theoretical power of independent publishers' ability to disseminate relatively unfiltered information through somewhat official sources minus the normal corporate crap that large scale publishers have to deal with.

Rest assured that as soon as I have made the contact and have had some time to organize, digest and do some ancillary supporting research to expand and give context to whatever stuff they tell me, I will be posting it.

If you're not tuned into the RSS feed (which is updated immediately upon posting articles) I suggest you do so now. If you are unfamiliar with RSS, sign up for a Google reader account and add our feed to your reading list.

I'm also going to be adding a 'mega' Twitter account that will aggregate all of our blog feeds - Vegas, Macau, Atlantic City, Felt Jungle and the Photo.VT - to a notification service thingy. I'm hoping to dig into that sometime in the next week or so.

Alas this week has snuck by. Its truly amazing how time speeds up exponentially as one gets older (b.1969). Weeks now are like days were not but 5 or so years ago. I'm still only partially done with the Venetian review, which I had hoped to post Wednesday.

Looks like I've got a weekend of overtime scheduled, continuing my visit to the somewhat lovely Venetian Macao.


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