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Cotai Hotel Row Exposed : St. Regis, Shangri-La, Traders Macau and Sheraton Macao

Hotel Row - Cotai Strip : Sheraton Macao

On the east side of the Cotai Strip the Las Vegas Sands Corporation (owners of the Venetian and Sands Macao properties) have planted a hedgerow of hotels in partnership with international hoteliers Starwood Hotels (St. Regis, Sheraton) and Shangri-La Resorts and Hotels (Shangri-La, Traders). This amalgam of four towers, which we've dubbed 'Hotel Row', features four different brands stuffed into four similarly shaped and sized hotel towers. When complete, Hotel Row on Cotai Strip will sit atop a connected podium and will seamlessly share two 'themed' street level casinos, outdoor parks and multiple shopping and dining areas.

Hotel Row - Cotai Strip : Sheraton, St. Regis, Shangri-La, Traders Hotel Macao

The four hotel brands selected to partner on Parcel 003 of Hotel Row are - north to south - St. Regis, Shangri-La, Traders (which will be behind the Shangri-La) and two contrasting towers bearing the Sheraton imprint. The four, forty(ish) storey hotel towers, were designed by a team of architects and designers which was led by the firm Aedas. Aedus has described their architectural inspiration using a global north-to-south analogy which correlates directly to the north-south lineup of Hotel Row.

[Sweeping from the north] 'Lost Horizon' mystical highland architecture of the Himalayan kingdoms [to the south] 'South Seas,' Polynesian, Tropical architecture of the South Pacific Islands"

Frankly, I didn't realize that the Himalayas had an architectural style beyond igloo. This would probably explain the ice block look and blizzard white color of the St. Regis' tower.

Additional firms involved in the project : HKS did the interior design (as well as the Venetian Macao and Palazzo Las Vegas) and retail designer RTKL, who have done a number of Ritz-Carlton hotels and the Four Seasons Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hotel Row - Cotai Strip : Sheraton, St. Regis, Shangri-La, Traders Hotel Macao

St. Regis Macao

The St. Regis Macao is scheduled to open on September 1, 2009 and will feature 341 guest rooms and 119 suites as well as 429 residences in its 39 story hotel tower. Much like Crown Macau, St. Regis bills itself as a theoretical six-star destination hotel which will include butler service for hotel guests and residences. Between the St. Regis and Shangri-La hotels will be Paradise Gardens, an indoor landscaping attraction similar to the Conservatory at Bellagio.

Construction on the St. Regis is in its very early stages, most of the construction seems to be focused on the Sheraton towers, and preparing the podium on the northern end of the parcel.

Shangri-La, Macau / Traders Hotel, Macau

The Shangri-La and Traders Hotel tower will feature 579 five-star Shangri-La and 1,168 Traders four star accommodations in its 39 floor tower. Based on some rudimentary plot sketches, I originally had thought that the Traders portion of the hotel will be a separate tower located behind the Shangri-La. Upon further investigation it has become increasingly more likely that the Traders Hotel will occupy the eastern (rear) portion of the tower overlooking the MGM parcel with Shangri-La rooms facing the Venetian.

The top floors of the Shangri-La/Traders and north Sheraton tower will feature 50 Venetian Piaza Suites which are a off-site high roller suites. These suites will be branded Venetian and have Venetian style decor. Confusing? You bet. Shangri-La will also feature a few of its own preferred customer suites, dubbed the Horizon Club - which does not make sense given that the Shangri-La portion of the tower faces west towards China - not the sea. Additional features include a concert hall, meeting rooms, two ballrooms, business center and a spa - CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La and numerous restaurants and retail promenades. Tucked between the Shangri-La/Traders and the Sheraton towers will be a tropical 'Court of Palms.'

Shangri-La Hotel Cotai Macau

Thanks to the unbelievable generosity of photographer Ace Macau, it's become even more apparent that the two towers currently under construction are the Shangri-La/Traders (foreground) and the north Sheraton tower which is obstructed by the Venetian Macao's marquee.

Shangri-La/Traders is scheduled to open in 2009, possibly in coordination with the already announced opening date of September 1 for the Sheraton and St. Regis properties.

Sheraton Macao

The 4,000 room Sheraton Macao, which features two distinctly different towers each with different class of offerings is touted as the largest hotel being built on the Cotai Strip, and the largest Starwood owned hotel in the world. The dual Sheratons - scheduled to open on September 1, 2009 - will consist of 3,985 guest rooms (3,728 standard, 257 suites), two health clubs, two swimming pools, five restaurants, meeting space and presumably a ground floor casino and shopping promenades.

The north tower - simply Sheraton will feature 2,130 five star rooms as well as a handful of the Venetian Piaza Suites similar to those found on top of the adjacent Shangri-La. The south tower will consist of 2,070 under the flag of two Sheraton sub-brands - Sheraton Tower and Sheraton Suites.

The entire Sheraton Macao complex will feature 5 restaurants, dedicated health clubs in each tower, a shared spa, two outdoor swimming pools and large meeting spaces.

One other interesting feature, what we had identified as a "park" that would separate this parcel from the Hilton/Conrad/Raffles/Fairmont parcel to the south will actually be a "cascading river canyon." Very interesting.

Shangri-La Macau - Sheraton Macao - March 2008

We can now identify - without question - which building is which. The left is the Shangri-La/Traders tower and the right is the Sheraton (North). The dead giveaways are the belly on the Shangri-La and the sloping curves on the Sheraton. If you compare this photo with the rendering above you'll see even more similarities, including some of the street level construction.

Why these two first? Well, they both have the Venetian Piaza suites on their top floors, and these two buildings form the heart of the Cotai Hotel Row complex.

Once again I hoist the sails of gratitude to the great AceMacau for sharing his killer photos with us. His contributions to this site are truly priceless. Thanks yet again Ace!

There's a lot of interesting features planned for this chunk of the Cotai Strip. The parcel just south of this - the Hilton/Conrad/Fairmont/Raffles property - has a very intriguing design and probably another 10,000 hotel rooms inside of it. Details on that multiplex of hotels is still quite sketchy right now, but I'm sure a little snooping around will uncover at least some of them.


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