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Crown Macau Nabs Whopping 18.1% Market Share!

The phenomenally gorgeous Crown Macau has nabbed a stunning 18.1% market share in February, up from 5.7% in November.

Holy crap!

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last six months, you'd shouldn't be completely surprised. With the launch of the AMAX deal, Crown Macau has carved out nearly 25% of the total VIP market segment in Macau.

One casino. In a weird location. With zero foot traffic.

Let's see if the cows come home to NASDAQ:MPEL.


Comments & Discussion:

When I found that out a few days ago I was extremely impressed as well. I thought that Jan. might have been a fluke month, but it seems not. AMAX nailed HK$41billion volume in Feb, which I posted on NASDAQ:MPEL on Google Finance a few days back. Likewise, I am very surprised such a small establishment (relative to Venetian, Wynn etc) can attract so much money.

I am more confident than ever that this quarter's earnings number will be HUGE. I have read a few analyst reports and they have already acknowledged this increased market share in Feb, but they believe (like I do), that the stock won't jump until earnings. Of course, you mentioned they would be releasing news on CoD next month, so the jump may come a bit earlier than May (1Q report).

In terms of the news getting posted, it won't until a reporter picks up the story and writes a full article on it. I have posted on Google boards, but that's as much as I can do.

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