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Reader Comments Thingy Released

I burned the midnight oil refurbishing the layout of this hastily constructed blawg and added the ability for y'all to post comments. Due to the transitioning of our websites' server situation, only readers who have already registered over at VT will be able to post comments here.

Our website/server deal is similar to the recent "Aladdin/Planet Hollywood" transition. Little by little we're replacing the Aladdin with the P-Ho. Right now four out of five sites are done, with VT being the only exception.

Currently, our sites are running off of two different code bases on two different servers. VegasTripping is on the 'old' platform, and the others are on the 'new' platform. VT is moving to the 'new' platform in October when the redesign is unleashed. To avoid confusion during this beta transition, we've disabled account creation on the 'new' platforms until VT (where all the account information is stored) moves to the new platform.

Until that time, new accounts need to be created on VT. Unfortunately, we have to manually copy the user account database over to the 'new' platform every few days to keep everything as fresh as possible on both platforms.

So, the long and the short of it is, go register now. I will be moving the member database the night before I leave for Macau (Monday).


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