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Ask And Ye Shall Receive : Cotai Construction Status

You guys (and gals) are the best.

Hours after posting the Macao Studio City article, which contained a humble grovel for some Cotai pics buried deep inside, reader/photographer Ace Macau sent us a killer pic of the Cotai Strip from a vantage point that he probably had to hike three hours to get to. On behalf of all the MacauTrippers, I thank you yet again for your generosity.

Before I go any further into dissecting the photo, I've also got to throw a shout out to macauman who mentioned in a comment that Macau Studio City's opening has been pushed back to 2010, according to a recent investor presentation from its casino subcontractor Melco PBL. Thanks for digging that out macauman, I haven't forgotten about your questions for MPEL, all will be revealed shortly.

Folks like Ace and Macauman (plus all the other photo contributors and comment posters) put gas in the MacauTripping tank and keep us rolling forward as Cotai builds to the sky. If you've got some goodies to share, we'd love to hear from you... click the contact button below and shoot us an email. Let us know if you wish your to keep your contribution anonymous otherwise we'll give you the props you deserve.

Back to the task at hand... Cotai Construction Status photos.

Cotai Strip Panorama

Click the image to launch the huge version.

Another typically hazy day in Macau. I've done my best to 'level' out as much of it as possible in photoshop while trying to retain as much image quality as possible. If you want to see the details, click the photo to see a larger version.

Four Seasons Macao - The gold colored stripes aren't curtain wall... they're debris chutes. The higher rising tower (1 of 3) is blasting forth at typical Venetian speeds. We'll have some detailed posts about the Four Seasons and a bunch of the other hotel row properties in the next few weeks. Behind these to the right is where MGM Cotai and further over the Wynn Cotai properties will be.

Hotel Row (North) - St. Regis, Shangri La, dual tower Sheraton and Traders (which will be located behind the Shangri La) are all progressing nicely.

Hotel Row (South) -The parcel south of it, which will contain a gorgeous swooping circular array of five hotels sharing one large casino. Properties include a Hilton, Conrad, Fairmont, Raffles and a still hush-hush Swissotel property. We'll have more on these in the coming days. Not pictured to the right of these will be the MegaBox, Shun Tak/SJM and Hello Kitty properties, as well as another property which was probably intended to be the Virgin Experience we talked about the other day.

Far East / Sands Parcel -Moving to the other side of the strip, just south of the Four Seasons lies the Far East Consortium/Las Vegas Sands project which will consist of a spiny group of three hotel towers also sharing one casino which is scheduled to open in 2011. Hotels include InterContinental, Holiday Inn, Cosmopolitan. The Dorsett property was initially announced but it looks like it may have been dropped. We'll have the details on this shortly. Currently, not much is happening here beyond a staging area for the Four Seasons Construction.

Macao Studio City across the street is starting to show a bit of an outline if you connect the dots. The larger darker pilings are where the bulkhead facing hotel tower will be according to the latest renderings I've seen. If they're serious about mid 2010 opening, they've got to get going on this. Until they start pouring foundation and get some workers on the site, I'm going to remain skeptical about that target date as well. My guess is Fall 2010 /early 2011 depending on whether or not eSun can raise the cash.

Lots of interesting stuff happening here, which pretty much outlines what we're going to be discussing on the blog in the next few months (at least).


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Where is City of Dreams going to be on this map?

City of Dreams is hidden from view from this vantage point. It's located behind the hotel row towers... the circular thing that is sticking out is the Hard Rock tower at City of Dreams. It's directly across the strip from the Venetian's lagoon.

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