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Hard Rock at City of Dreams Interiors

It's amazing what a little bit of detective work can uncover.

Unlike Wynn Resorts, who keep all of their coming projects under lock and key at a secure location inside Wynn Design and Development HQ, a lot of other folks - including our new best friends at Melco PBL - have been pretty relaxed about sharing designs and plans for future developments. One can only guess that either they want the word to get out, or they underestimate the power of the Google power-user, or they don't require their design contractors to keep this stuff confidential.

In the last week or so, a minor amount of detective work has uncovered a number of interesting things about Hard Rock at City of Dreams, including the previously noted 'rotating tower' feature. As we approach the the topping out of City of Dreams in April and the major announcements Melco PBL will be making at that time, we're going to have a bunch of other bombshells to drop on y'all about the next major resort to open in Macau. To be perfectly clear, the following stuff was not provided or leaked to us by MPEL, it was dug it up via search engines.

We've assembled about 10 photos of Hard Rock's interior demos, which aren't of the greatest quality, but still very informative. From the photos - three of which are below - we can deduce that there are two types of suite designs at Hard Rock at City of Dreams, a larger '90 degree' suite and smaller, pizza slice portions of the circular City of Dreams tower. The photos below are of the larger suite only.

The large salon suite is divided into two 'halves' which feature a large salon and bedroom bisected by a circular glass public 'party shower' right in the center of the suite. It is inconclusive from the photos where exactly the real bathroom is, but I can guess that it is set back behind the shower and opens on the bedroom side of the suite. Very very daring design.

Hard Rock City of Dreams Suites

The lounge (top) features a rather uncomfortable looking couch which - to my eyes - looks to be vaguely shaped like male sexual organs. A large red 'throne chair' is facing the ceiling mounted plasma tv. In the smaller suite photos, the same red throne chair is located next to the bed.

The party shower (center photo) features a stand for amenities, which is located in a traditional square glass shower in the standard rooms. The door to the shower appears to have hinges on the bedroom side of the suite. In addition to a shower wand mounted on the wall facing the doorway, it appears to have a rain head as well. I can only guess that the rest of the 'wet room' is located behind the shower to the left and opens into the bedroom.

The doorway to the right appears to feature a mirrored closet/bag storage and most likely the entrance to the suite. The presence of bathrobes near this door seem to offer an argument that the doorway leads to the wet room. It could go either way.

The bedroom (bottom) features a wall length pleated leather headboard, angled end table with vanity mirror, red tube pillow and an 'intentionally messy' brown throw blanket. All of the photos I've seen show the brown blanket crumpled at the foot of the bed in the same arrangement. Different. Another plasma TV is mounted from the ceiling above the bed.

Hard Rock City of Dreams Suite Floor Plan

Hard Rock Floor Plan - Reverse Engineered

Overall, its quite an interesting layout which addresses many of the problems inherent in a room footprint that is partially circular or oddly shaped (like LuXor in Las Vegas). Building on the breathtakingly gorgeous wet room at Crown Macau, the party shower goes a few steps further by elevating it to focal point of the room, adding a healthy dollop of sexy style which is hallmark of the Hard Rock brand (at least in Vegas). I'm not particularly excited by the color schemes - red is always an obvious choice for Asian decor, particularly in the hopefully luck filled Macau. I would've liked to see a pattern in the curtains particularly, even if it were two or three horizontally swooping stripes echoing the architecture in motion of the buildings rotating exterior. It is the Hard Rock after all, which - theoretically - should skew to a younger eye candy loving demographic. The very Crown-like brown/beige color scheme could use a little shot of youthful energy, beyond red accents and a penis shaped couch.


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Hey Chuck,

How did you find out that MPEL is going to be making big announcements in April? Their next earnings report is expected for late May, so how did you find out about this special announcement?

They called me to chat about various MPEL related stuff a few weeks ago, and that was one of the things they mentioned. The announcement will coincide with City of Dreams topping out and will consist of a lot of the details about the properties features and some other goodies.

That sounds great! I'm really looking forward to hearing more about their progress on CoD.

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