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Macau Photo Bonanza

I can't begin to say how happy I am to unveil a new site to our family... no, it's not about Cuba becoming the next Macau, it's a bit more wide-ranging than such a minute investigation.

If the old adage a picture is worth a thousand words is true, then we've got about 400,000 words for ya. At least today. In a few weeks, we'll probably have a 4,000,000 words, with a little less than half of those about the Macau, Cotai and Taipa casinos that we all know and love.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting... or p.vt (pvt) as we've come to call it here. Here's a screen shot:

Macau Casino Photos

Photos are organized by joint as well as the use of tags. You can also use the search box, but sometimes it doesn't work very well (for whatever reason, searching for "Macau" returns no results. Very odd.) You can also add comments to the photo pages as well, it's kinda like Flickr in that way.

Our aim is to aggregate a pretty massive collection of casino photographs from all over the world. Right now, there's about 400 photos in the database, and we're adding about 100 or so new ones each day (it's time consuming). The first wave of pics is heavily Las Vegas and Macau centric, some of the other locations - Reno, Atlantic City, Laughlin etc will be added as we go. Photos from the as yet unpublished Venetian Macao review will be added after the review has been published (sorry!). Regardless, theres a ton of pics from the Macau trip in there that haven't been posted here or anywhere yet, so there should be some surprises in there for ya.

So, without further adieu, lets boogie:

One little side note for some of our readers who operate blogs or other Macau sites, if you are interested in using any of our pics on your site, please contact us first. We do not take theft of our original content lightly, and would rather not have to call out the dogs to protect our intellectual property/artwork.


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