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Questions For MelcoPBL from The Peanut Gallery

Some of you may recall a post from a few weeks ago wherein I mentioned that the people from MelcoPBL want to be my best friend. Since the time of the initial contact, and a handful of back-and-forth emails with various folks about information requests I've made, they've decided to give me a little air time with one of their people - ostensibly to chit chat and see if I'm a doofus (which would be correct).

I was due to speak with them some time this evening (late Wednesday PST/early Thursday HK time) but, for whatever reason, it didn't happen. I figure I'd take this little window of opportunity to solicit questions and inquiries from The Peanut Gallery, ie, you guys, that you would like to have answered by MelcoPBL. I can't guarantee that I'll get to ask them, or that I'll get an answer, or if this 'call' is nothing more than nothing.

If the situation does happen to arise, I'll let the questions rip (because I care.) Add your questions to the comments below or send us an email. Thanks!

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Comments & Discussion:

Great Chuck! Yep, I have a couple doosies you could throw at them...

1.) What brand of a hotel will be attached the the building they are selling as service apartments, that is attached to the City of Dreams? The only thing i've heard so far, is The Trump brand name as a possibility.

2.) How many square feet will they be selling at those serviced apartments and for what prices will they sell the apartments for (doubt they'll tell u what prices, but worth asking)?

3.) What kind of amenities will be available at City of Dreams?

4.) What exactly is that bubble thing, they say they are going to have some type of entertainment in?

5.) Will each of the hotels at City of Dreams, have their own mini-casinos in them with their own theme, in addition to the main one. Meaning, will the Hard Rock have its own casino, Hard Rock Style, with their signature gamblling in the pool and stuff like that, or is it just a one-floor large casino that connects to all the hotels.

Appreciate you looking out for the liitle people Chuck. I've got the feeling u might get a few more comps. next time u hit up Macau.

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