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TwoWayHardThree Podcast Roundtable Discussion

This afternoon, I participated in a roundtable discussion about various gaming biz subjects with a number of notable Las Vegas bloggers, historians and journalists. It's kinda like "The McLaughlin Group" but about the gaming biz. I've been bugging the host, Hunter to call the thing "The Don McLaughlin Group" but he's not biting. Some of you may remember the Macau-centric podcast interview I did with Hunter a coupla days after I returned.

There was only a brief touch on some Macau related stuff, which was one of the few moments throughout the entire podcast where I was compelled enough to pipe in. My brain has been a bit fried the last few days so I didn't bring my best game to the table (or any game for that matter). Regardless of my state of mind, the discussion is quite interesting and may prove to be of value to our more gaming biz inclined readers.

Check out the podcast on Enjoy!


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