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MelcoPBL Wants To Be My Best Friend

For whatever reason, possibly MacauTripping being the first internet joint to publish extensive reviews of Crown Macau, the folks at Crown's owner, MelcoPBL, have decided in their truly infinite wisdom that they would like to be my best friend.

Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true!

Like any 'best friend' worth their weight in patacas - I like to raid the fridge, hunt for goodies in the prescription bottles, borrow clothes, make a mess, say the wrong thing at the wrong time and become a general nuisance. Oh, and I smell bad too. At least I'm honest. *cough*

Numerous unsolicited emails from MelcoPBL's marketing team have filled my inbox the last two days, some simply saying "Hello!" others saying more than that, all of them promising to provide information on this that and the other thing. We're happy to make friends with the folks who are in charge of disseminating information at the resorts, but, as you guys know, we're not in the business of republishing corporate press releases. We'll leave content regurgitation to those who specialize in copy and paste publishing.

The nuts and bolts: MelcoPBL wants me to tell you that Crown Macau...

...has won the Best Casino Interior Design Award in the 1st International Gaming Awards 2008 recently held in London, UK.

... deservedly so. I've raved about how gorgeous the property is for five months, I'll forego further pony pounding. I would like to shout out the individual designers who's work went into making Crown Macau so fabulous.

Architect: Wong Tung & Partners Ltd.
Hotel, Spa, Casino Design: Peter Remédios
VIP casino: Bates Smart Pty Ltd.
Ying, Aurora design: CL3 Architects Ltd.
Kira, Tenmasa design: Hashimoto Yukio and David Sung

All sarcasm aside, this award is very well deserved, as Crown Macau is a downright gorgeous property.

As a side note, I've requested further information from the MelcoPBL folks about City of Dreams and the Trinity Project, including hi-res renderings and some details about property offerings and amenities. They said they'd gather up the details and send over shortly.


Comments & Discussion:

It doesnt suprise me, JP understands the power of the blogosphere. I bet he and LH kicked some serious marketing butts to help raise thier profile and improve thier general Market perception after the bad/silly early mistakes MelcoPBL made. Wall st wasnt kind as you know to the SP.

Without AMA they would have major difficulties competing now and in future IMO

I am worried about the Trinity project too....really worried! probably offload it to some private equity firm/sucker when they see the writing on the wall.

I have eaten at Crown many times and its really good. I might stay there next time to try the rooms which look pretty good. I try to stay in a different 5star each time to try it out. Wynn was really good/excellent too.

Keep up the good work Chuck please stay independant!! i promise to donate ; )

Seems they are playing favorites with who they give info. to. (I've wrote them several times with no response). I'd like to know how many total square feet of apartment space they are selling attached to their City of Dreams, and what brand (Trump?) is going to be attached to them. I think they are selling like 800 apartments.

I think the Four Seasons is going to begin their pre-sales of their apartment units any day now too right across the street. If you can pry some of that info out of them, that would be great, seeing how they don't answer questions from someone without a Macau website. I'm very interested in all the City of Dreams amenities too. Keep us updated Chuck.

the thing about marketing folks, is that they give you information - usually - because they want to give it to you, they don't give you information because you request it.

few of these folks will give out any information other than approved press releases. i was extremely shocked at grateful that the MGM rep - Lytton Ao - went so far as to invite me to their offices to discuss the property, look at the models, supply hi-res photos and other information. it was great, but it was within the scope of information they are allowed to present. whenever i've pressed him on other subjects re: mgm cotai, he punted or gave evasive answers, which is expected.

i don't expect the MelcoPBL folks to hand over the keys to City of Dreams or invite me to tea with Larry and James any time soon, nor do i expect them to send me much beyond press releases. it would be awesome if they did decide to give MacauTripping access to a wet bar of open information, however, based on past experiences, I doubt it's going to happen.

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