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Introducing Ponte 16

The newest resort in Macau, Ponte 16 has opened.

More importantly, I can't believe that we forgot to "publish" the Ponte 16 page until one of our readers - Mike - inquired about its omission. Boy, I feel like a complete stooge now.

Here's an excellent night shot of Ponte 16 via Flickr

Anyways, the joint is apparently open, and from the looks of the hotel rooms on the Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 website, they look pretty darn spiffy.

The casino at Ponte 16 is reported to be about 250k square feet with 300 slots, 28 vip tables and 150 tables for the rest of us. It will be managed by the fine folks at Sociedad de Jugos de Macau (SJM). Restaurant offerings are pretty slim at this point, but additional phases of construction including, I believe, a theme park and other retail/dining options are forthcoming. If anybody has any other information about the joint, please pass it along.

If we've got any Macau Trippers on the ground over there who have been, or are planning to go to Ponte 16, please contact us so I can beg you to take some photos that we can share with everybody else. (Grovel, grovel).

See... I ain't too proud to beg.


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Hi Chuck,

Just aquick question. Why is the bus painted "Tripping Macau" and the website is Sorry, just curious as to which is the Official Name.(I am mentioning it to friends and i wanted to give them the right name)


MacauTripping is the name of the site.

Tripping Macau is name of the blog that is part of the site.

The bus was photoshopped when I was drunk.

Hope this helps explain everything. :D

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