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Reader Letter Re: MelcoPBL Trinity Project

One of our readers, Sean, sent us a note mentioning that the preliminary information we had posted about MelcoPBL's Trinity project was incorrect.

After doing a bit more research and getting out the magnifying glass, his assertions that Trinity will not be built where photographed 'MelcoPBL' signed building is located. He goes on to say that this 10 year old building - which isn't owned by MelcoPBL - houses the offices for Sands/Venetian Macao and MelcoPBL as well as a handful of apartments wouldn't be ready for demolition any time soon if it were the correct location.

After studying the aerial photo supplied by MelcoPBL, I am happy to say that we DID make a mistake in making this assertion and that the plot of land where Trinity will be build is one block closer to the water, with sight lines down the park directly to MGM Grand Macau.

We rely on our readers to help us gather information about Macau, and will gladly print corrections, retractions or other boo-boo fixes when the need arises. Thanks to Sean for pointing out our guffaw.


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