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I Lost My Dog at Venetian Macao

Maxine in Lake Tahoe

Maxine in Lake Tahoe

See that. That's Maxine, my 18 month old pug puppy. She loves to pose for photos, this time in front of a flower bed at Montbleu in Lake Tahoe (you can see Harvey's - center - and Horizon - right - in the background.)

Instead of adding to the already too numerous population of dogs named "Ace" "King" "Queen" "Blackjack" "Bingo" or "Jackpot" we named her Maxine Credits. Y'know... after the Play Max Credits button found on most slot machines. Yeah, my wife and I are complete dorks... but we deserve a handful of points for refraining from naming her "Triple Double Diamond Deluxe Haywire" or "Booger" which was my first choice.

Maxine and I spend pretty much the whole day together. She sits here on my lap snoring and sleep farting as I dutifully slap together gobs of run-on sentences about Macau, Atlantic City, Vegas, gambling or whatever else tickles my brain. You could say that Maxine is my 24 hour a day companion, she truly is this man's best friend.

Last night I had a particularly odd dream, possibly a nightmare, that involved Maxine and Venetian Macao. (Aside: as I wrote this, she just sleep farted again.) I was in an elevator that stopped at the 13th floor, the doors opened up to a large locker room and inside one of the stalls I heard the sounds of a woman having a screaming orgasm. Maxine and I walked past the stall and the couple having sex heard the clinking of her dog tags and quickly put a lid on their exploits. We walked through this bathroom for ages, then found a stair well that headed down to casino of the Venetian Macao. After walking around the casino a bit, I noticed that Maxine was gone, and whistling or calling her name produced no results.

Frantic, I tried to make my way back to the stairwell, figuring that maybe she got trapped in there somehow but couldn't find the door. I decided to go to the front desk and ask if anyone had found Maxine, but I couldn't find the front desk either. I followed all the signs over head, but they seemed to head only in circles.

Eventually I did manage to locate some kind of 'help desk' which was located in a casino portion of Venetian Macao that looked more like run down version of Don Laughlin's Riveside Casino (as if the Riverside wasn't funky and run down enough for ya.) I talked to the person behind the desk who was completely unhelpful but pointed me to a door that headed outside. Once outside I wandered a parking lot that looked more like a cement quarry than a casino. I did manage to find a door with the number 12 on it, but it was locked. I pressed my ear to the door in the hopes of hearing Maxine barking, whimpering or scratching at something, but I didn't hear anything. I was really upset at this point and worried to death that I'd never find her... lost somewhere Back of House at Venetian Macao/Laughlin.

I woke up at that point, my left eye socket being tickled by doggie whiskers (note: another sleep fart). I opened my eyes to see blurry black pug nose sniffling and snorting my face. It was my beloved and formerly lost Maxine, checking to see if I was alive and if maybe I would take her outside to pee.

Maybe if we've got some dream analysis experts out there, you can shed a little light on what this dream might mean. For the sake of this blog, i'm mostly curious as to why I would lose my dog at the Venetian Macao of all places? Yeah the place is huge and cavernous, but so is my mother-in-law's mouth but Maxine didn't get lost in there.

I'm curious to hear what y'all might think.


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Cute Dog in an Ugly kinda way. I guess losing your dog at Venetian Macao is better than losing your pants! Any news on the Pac On Pier Stoush? Merry New year and all that.....

yeah. she's got that flat hobo dog beak... but you'd be amazed and how emotionally expressive that face is. its quite astounding actually.

i've got no news on the Pac On shituation. i'm just getting back into the swing... post xmas and all that. The Mrs. had me running around like a headless chicken the last coupla weeks. Apparently there was a murder at the Venetian Macao a couple of days ago. Horrible.

A murder at the Venetian? Room Service related probably?

No, not the room service, which was actually excellent when I was there. The woman who was murdered was a middle man for a loan shark. The guy who allegedly killed her did so because he couldn't pay back a 200,000 pataca loan.


Hi there,

I lost my key purse in Macau on 19-1-09 midnight (1230pm which is 20-1 i should say) . I took black taxi from Macau to Taipa island and forgot my key purse inside the black taxi. I try to call several times to Black taxi company but they are not able to find/help me at all. I thought I would find it bcs there were only key in the purse and no any cash or other valuable stuffs.
I am still hoping if someone has seen/found it , I would appreciate your honesty and reward you with cash !

Importantly , there is my car key together with other bounch of key.
You may handover to Mercedes-benz-centre in Taipa Island with ref: Sabita
and leave your phone no. I would call you to reward !

Thank you in advance !

Sabita> I suggest you call the Macau tourism board, the might be able to help you track it down with the cabbies. However it might take a few calls to find somebody willing/can help you.

If you were picked-up or let-off in front of a hotel (or proclaimed it your destination) you might want to try those lost-and-found offices. The cabbies pretty much make rounds to the same places, and might have dropped it off where they think the owner got in/out of the cab.

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