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Macau Has Craps Tables, Wynn Expansion and more...

I've just got a couple of updates and news items that have come across the wires in the last day or two.

Reader xiepukah added some comments to past posts about some gambling-related stuff in Macau. First off, in my No Craps Tables in Macau post, xiepukah states that Wynn Macau has added a craps table recently WOO HOO! I'm not sure if this is part of their new casino expansion or they moved out a couple of Sic Bo tables to get some real dice action up in there. I'm also told that there is a craps table somewhere inside the cavernous Venetian Macau but I'd guess that even the employees don't know they have it or where its located. Secondly, xiepukah says that, contrary to a press release issued by Diamond Casino and PokerDome, there are no poker tables at Diamond Casino (at least currently) and none of the employees that were asked had an inkling about Diamond Casino offering poker whatsoever.

Thanks xiepukah for keeping us posted on this stuff - we love getting updates about what is happening on the ground in Macau.

I've been remiss in posting about the early opening of Wynn Macau's casino expansion. The new casino section and rotunda entrance (can someone send us some pics of the rotunda?) opens on Monday, which, I believe is a month or so earlier than planned - probably to coincide with the grand opening of MGM Grand Macau. The casino addition adds 85 more table games (possibly another craps table?) and 551 slot machines.


Comments & Discussion:

Thanks for the credits on my reporting :) The craps table at the Wynn is in not in the expansion but in the original part of the casino. It occupies the area of one of the former sic bo tables. Am headed to Macau now to play a little ePoker at Star World, if I make it over to the Venetian I will check and see if there is a craps table there and report back. Damn shame that there is no live poker here...rumor has it that the MGM Grand will have it within 6 months, at least according to the guy I talked to at the MGM Grand the day after the grand opening.

Update on craps in Macau...the table at the Wynn is not a full-sized table. A couple of the folks at the Wynn told me that the Grand Lisboa have a few full-sized craps tables. I did not not make it over there to confirm, will do that on my next trip.

I had lunch at the Venetian (Fat Burger's...gotta love it) and then made my way downstairs to the casino. I asked several folks there about craps and was told by the majority that right now no craps but they are expecting to install 4 tables in a few months. More updates later when I have them.

Happy New Year from Macau!!

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