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CotaiJet Beached™ By Macau Courts™

Macau's Intermediate Court™ put the kibosh on the CotaiJet service operated by a partnership that includes the nice folks at Las Vegas Sands Corp (Venetian Macao, Sands Macao, Venetian & Palazzo Las Vegas aka MEGACENTER).

Take it away Cotai™Jet™ website™:

You might think by reading the press release that Las Vegas Sands Corp were opening a hot air balloon operation™:

We are confident the Macao court system will act prudently and expeditiously and that the results will serve in the best interests of the residents and visitors of Macao, Hong Kong, and the wider Pearl River Delta region.

The public response and demand for the CotaiJet service has been overwhelmingly positive. Our guests are very complimentary of our friendly employees and our on-board service and they appreciate the convenience of traveling directly between Hong Kong and Taipa," said Mr. Ren Qi Sheng, chief executive officer of Cotai Chu Kong Shipping Management Services Co., Ltd. "During this time we will continue to retain, pay, and further train our staff so that when a resolution is reached we will be able to quickly resume CotaiJet service with the same high standards our passengers have already come to expect.

It is quite proper of them to keep the employees on the payroll™ though. Regardless, I have a hunch that this situation isn't going to be resolved any time soon. Stay tuned.


Comments & Discussion:

Keep us up to date your work. as you said it will be a while before its resolved. Venetian/Sands will get what they want IMO. Its pretty hard to wrestle an 800 pound Gorrilla like Adelson. I dont Under estimate the others either and the govt who seems to always play both sides of the fence as often as possible until they are caught out in situations like this. Im no expert but i think the vested interests in the Airport situation is also set to blow up as well. just my 0.02c

I wouldn't dare insult gorillas by comparing them to Mr. Adelson. :) It seems to me that LVS knew they were going to get sandbagged, but tried to get in the water anyways to prove a point.

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