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MGM Grand Macau and Royal Arc Photos

One of our readers who lives in Macau stopped by the MGM Grand the other day to take some pics of some of the outdoor features that have been completed leading up to the grand opening. At the tail end of the post is a construction shot of the Royal Arc hotel/casino project that is shooting skyward right next door. Enjoy!

MGM Grand Macau Pre-Opening Lion Flowerbed

MGM Grand Lion, December 2007

Purple posies = pretty

MGM Grand Macau Pre-Opening Porte Dec07

MGM Grand Porte Cochere, December 2007

I'm not sure if the underhang of the porte cochere is gold, sure looks like it. I like the swirly lighting bevels that lead to the sky light in the middle... nice! Seeing these photos made me remember that I never got around to posting Part II of my MGM Grand Macau story with all the construction photos. Ooops? I hope you forgive me.

MGM Grand Macau Pre-Opening Vipentry

MGM Grand Macau VIP Entry, December 2007

I assume this is the VIP entry, which you should always use. It's bad luck to enter a casino from its main entrance. See the Wynnteriors feature for the full story on that Chinese superstition.

MGM Grand Macau Pre-Opening Fountains 07 Corner

MGM Grand Macau Fountains, December 2007

A closer view of the fountains. I really like that swishy marbelized whatever that material is on the pillar... looks like a caramel ice cream sundae. The green thing sticking out in the background is the second Mandarin Oriental hotel that will be in Macau. Confusing? Definitely!

MGM Grand Macau Pre-Opening Fountains 07

MGM Grand Macau Fountains from Entry, December 2007

A different view of MGM Grand Macau's very understated fountains.

Royal Arc Macau Construction Progress 12 2007

Le Royal Arc Construction Progress, December 2007

I haven't posted much about the Royal Arc as of yet... its located right behind StarWorld to the north east of MGM Grand Macau. Its supposed to be a take off of the Arce de Triomphe in Paris, but with a 50 floor hotel on top of it.

I took the photo on the left in September. The one on the right was taken yesterday.


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Just a quick note since I happened to purchase some units at Le Royal Arc. The Casino occupy the first 6 floors, the six star hotel will occupy floors 9 through 21 followed by the condos which will located from the 22nd to the 56th floor... At this point, will still be the tallest residential building in Macau.

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