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Welcome has launched, and it's a flash job that looks great but takes a friggin' eternity to load each page. Frankly, the first page took so long to load I thought I had stumbled on an unfinished website. I'm just about to head off to catch some sleep, and these slow loading pages aren't helping me stay awake at all.

Dear web designer, the flash site looks great, excellent work. I have a simple request though, how about making a simple html version so those of us who are impatient or have small bladders or short attention spans, so we can get the information and go catch the latest cricket scores? Thank you, Chuck

They also violated one of my biggest website pet peeves: there's no way to turn off the sound track... oh wait there is... but the javascript window dimension script overshot my screen size by about 200 pixels, putting the audio controls way off my screen below the dock in OS X. *sigh*

Anyways... here's a quick listing of some of the offerings:

Six Senses Spa

Apparently, the sixth sense is 'elation'

Dining, Bars, Nightlife include:

The Russian Room
Champagne Bar
Royal Decree
The Veuve Clickquote Lounge
Chef Leo
Square Eight
Pool Bar
MGM Patisserie
M Bar
Lion Bar
Aux Beaux Arts


Generally, they look like a cross between Crown Macau, StarWorld and THEhotel

The Rooms - no information
The Studio (Grand Studio) - plasma tv, cable/on demand, wifi, health club/pool access
The Suites - One Bedroom Grand Suite / Two Bedroom Grand Deluxe Suite : welcome amenities, vip check in, butler service, newspaper, wifi, plasma tv, cable/on demand, health club/pool access, surround stereo

The Villas - One Bedroom Villa Suite / Two Bedroom Villa Suite : same as above plus, VIP elevator/check in, karaoke system (!), infinity edge spa tub (cool!)

Players Wanted

There's a link in the navigation that says Players Wanted. I clicked on it expecting to see some casino related goodies. BZZZT. Incorrect, sir. Instead you are presented with a questionnaire that tests to see if you have the panache to be considered a player, plus some rules about being a player and scenarios about how players operate. The Mandalay Bay website has a similar gimmick (who will YOU be?) that is as equally corny as the player test. The 'playing Warcraft online' and some of the other choices are quite clever though. Concept: B, Execution: A

You saw it here first.... Enjoy!


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