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Crown Macau Redesigns Website (MelcoPBL Gets It Part II)

I don't frequent casino websites every week, or monthly for that matter, but while working on the reviews for Crown Macau, I noticed that their website now features five minute long property introduction video.

If you've never been to Crown - which I assume 95% of those reading this haven't - do yourself a favor and check out the video here or here

On the business side of things, this is yet another smart move by the MelcoPBL folks... bringing the beauty of Crown Macau to the people. Normally I really can't stand these video introductions and can't click the "skip" button fast enough. But once you wrap your eyeballs around this place... it's pretty hard to take them off of it.

My first impressions still stand... Wow Crown Macau!


Comments & Discussion:

Wow.......thats the first thing my wife said when we entered Crown on Sunday night. Wow, it's empty.We had just been to the Venetian and the place was full. On our way home in the taxi i suggested we stop at Crown and see if we could lose some more money. In the end it turns out I was right as we did lose lose some more money.In Macau, Sunday is the busiest day of the week for gambling and it came as a shock to see how empty Crown was.I read in your posts all the time how great Crown is, maybe the rooms and the high roller section but the general casino where normal people go is getting smaller and smaller. The whole 3rd floor was closed and the 1st and 2nd floor only had a scattering of patrons. They have also taken away half of their slot machines and put up walls - possibly for more private rooms.Its real evident what Crowns focus is and it's not the normal punter.

You are right on the money. When I was at Crown the _gorgeous_ casino was a graveyard. An army of dealers were giving me the eyeball as I walked across the casino floor. If it weren't for the trip-hop soundtrack and the occasional klang of the sic bo thumper, the only sound in the room would've probably been my shoes crunching the brand new carpeting. It's a damn shame that such a nice looking place isn't hopping with business.FWIW, you don't get the full effect of Crown unless you check out some of the non-casino area stuff, and I don't mean the smattering of restaurants by the escalators in the casino decks. Next time you go, ask a security guy how to get to Aurora and go out onto the patio and order some wine and cigars. It's worth the journey. Getting from the casino block to the hotel tower isn't easy - one of the few major flaws I noticed at Crown Macau. Unlike the massive Venetian, it isn't far, but the trip makes up for its lack of distance by being incredibly confusing.The walls in the casino is space optimization. They're yaking slots and putting in more VIP areas to make way for the onslaught of junketeers.

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