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The Only Redeeming Feature of Pharaoh's Palace Casino

A large portion of my time in Macau was spent doing barnstorming tours of the smaller casinos on the peninsula. Before I left I organized a notebook with printouts of our map of Macau's casinos and a checklist of joints and the questions I wanted to answer. I managed to visit nearly every joint, with only a handful of exceptions. On one of my barnstorming tours through the peninsula, I ended up outside of Pharaoh's Palace (Landmark Hotel) for an hour or so attempting to get the perfect photo of Galaxy StarWorld across the street.

Pharaoh's Palace Casino Macau

After taking about 40 photos of StarWorld I decided to poke around Pharaoh's Palace to see what the deal was. Before I went in, I snapped a coupla photos of it's neon sign, which proved to be incredibly difficult due it's extreme width. I tried nearly every trick I know to try and fit the sign into one photo... nothing worked. Suddenly, while engrossed in tinkering with the camera controls and lining up another shot, about 50 jets of water suddenly shot forth from holes in the cobblestone mini-plaza. If I hadn't jumped nearly 40 feet in the air in surprise, I would've been completely doused and possibly ruined my camera. Yikes!

Pharaoh's Palace Casino Macau

After scrambling from the plaza fountain, I noticed that there was a metal outline of footprints on the ground with a rubber knob on the right shoe. The left shoe had some writing on it... WATER DESIGN. Looking back towards the fountain I saw another set of footprints where I had scrambled from. Two plus two equals, I turned the fountain on accidentally and almost got drenched. Hahahaha!

Pharaoh's Palace Casino Macau

Intrigued I began to walk around the fountain stepping on the various shoe buttons, each one changed the size, direction and shape of the jets. Very cool.

Pharaoh's Palace Casino Macau

I managed to goof around with this thing for about a half hour, and I recommend making the trip out to play with this silly thing if you're hot or smashed or looking for something to amuse you for a little while. If I had to do it again, and were traveling with a companion, I'd probably wait until they were in the middle of the fountain then turn it on.

As it turns out, this little piece of fun was the best part of Pharaoh's Palace casino. When I got inside, I did a quick loop of the slot floor (trailed by a security guard) then attempted to enter the main casino the next floor up. They require you to present your passport and sign up for a "club card" to enter. I declined to sign up, partially because I didn't have my passport, partially because I enjoy my privacy. Imagine if your local bar required you to give up all of your personal information to go in for a drink?

Pharaoh's Palace... play with the fountain, skip the casino.


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