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Ten Thousand Eyeballs are Better Than Two

The other night I took a look at the server statistics program that keeps track of MacauTripping's traffic. It tells us what pages are most popular, how many people visit, how many pages get looked at and a bunch of other no-so-interesting details. One of the more interesting features however, is a geo-location tracking of where our visitors are coming from. It doesn't pinpoint specifically - "John at 234 Elm Street Apartment 4 in Lawrence, Kansas read the Hotel Lisboa hookers story while sitting on downstairs toilet" - but instead gives general stats about countries, states, provinces, and cities).

I was pleasantly surprised to see that we're getting a lot of visits from inside China - Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Hong Kong and... Macau. Apparently there's a ton of Macau's finest - natives, expats and/or transplants - following along here. Welcome! I can't even begin to say how happy it makes me that so many of you find what we're doing here helpful in some kind of way... either as a tourist, gaming biz wonk or industry insider.

With all that being said, I'd like to throw something out there that will be helpful for the global MacauTripping community. As soon as we publish all of the hotel reviews from the my trip - (Wynn, Crown & Venetian are coming very soon...) we're going to need your help to keep the information contained on this site as accurate and up-to-date as possible. To be frank, I don't have the cash to spring for another trip any time soon. I'm hoping for a 2009 jaunt - at the earliest - unless a surprise benefactor donates airline tickets and/or hotel rooms. As an aside, I'd like to reiterate that MacauTripping is not owned and underwritten by a large corporation, we are supported by the readers who support our advertisers. You support them, they support us, we support you by blowing the proceeds flying to Macau to get more of the stuff that brought you here in the first place. Because we are not part of a megaconglomerate, we are free to speak the truth about Macau, Vegas or any other destination we stick our noses into. Everybody wins.

If... you are one of those baccarat freaks who makes 40 odd trips to Macau each year and stays overnight at one of the hotels, we would truly love it if you could share your photos and thoughts about your experiences with us. Just shoot us an email and we will get back to you in a jiffy.

If... you are one of those gaming biz freaks and has some juicy scoop or a link you think we might find interesting, please send it on in.

If... you live in Macau and have some time periodically to zip around Cotai taking pics of the construction progress, please email us.

If... you work for one of the casinos, either as a dealer, housekeeper, executive or otherwise and have some updates, tips, insider information, architectural plans or other juicy information that you just have to unload, please please please email us. Your anonymity will be protected, guaranteed. *cough* plans for wynn cotai *cough*.

One pair of eyeballs - mine - will never be as powerful, insightful or as accurate as ten thousand sets of eyeballs - mine, yours and everybody else who visits MacauTripping. If you can find the time to help us help others the same way that we may possibly have helped you, the greater MacauTripping visitor/reader community past present and future will be incredibly grateful.



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