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Jai Alai Casino 回力娛樂場

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Estrada da Pelota Basca, Macau [ map ]



Quick Take:

There is nothing cool about this joint. Trust us.


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Resort Fee: No
Comp Club: eCard
Drink Service: Average

What You Need To Know:

Jai Alai casino is Macau's analogue to the El Cortez in downtown Vegas, and that is an incredibly generous comparison. Frankly, El Cortez looks like Bellagio compared to Jai Alai's threadbare casino. Jai Alai It is a rickety old semi-dilapidated building that seems to attract the hardest of the hard core gamblers. The dealers can be ancient fossils as are the table games and felts. The casino features three different patterns of carpet, non smoking areas and a large section of Mind-Play baccarat way in the back. Its a dump... skip it unless you are extremely curious.


Casino Jai Alai is located on the north east end of the Macau strip, about three blocks north of Avenida de Amizade. It is a 10 minute walk to the ferry terminal and better casinos such as the Mandarin Casino Oriental and the Sands Macao.

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A Little History:

Jai Alai casino is one of the oldest, if not the oldest joint in Macau. There are postcard photos of the joint dating back to the 1960s where there are no other buildings in the vicinity. Holy moly.

Hotel Rooms:

Jai Alai Casino has an attached Jai Alai hotel that we highly recommend you don't stay at. The Jai Alai casino complex is extremely sketch and very much a grinder joint. Do yourself a favor and book a room somewhere else.


There are various dining options in the Jai Alai complex, but we will not list them here for the sake of keeping you alive and healthy. Unless you are in search of the completely odd, have a gastrointestinal system that is made of stone, or have fried your taste buds gargling the contents of a Die Hard, your best bet is to stay as far away from the food served here as possible. We hope we have made our point.

Restaurants, Bars & Nightlife:

Dining guide listings are coming soon.


The Jai Alai Casino's hotel has a sauna. Why you'd need a sauna when humidity in Macau rocks out at a fantasmic 85% daily does not make sense. Want a sauna? Go outside!

Attractions and Things To Do:

Attractions listings are coming soon.

The Casino:

Strange and smelly like an old fish market or converted bowling alley. Why this is called Jai Alai, we don't know as there is no Jai Alai on premises. IF there were, we would love the joint as Jai Alai is a fantastic game to watch and bet on.

Casino Games Offered:

Baccarat, Three Card Baccarat, Blackjack, Electronic Baccarat, Slots, Video Slots, Fan Tan.

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