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The Crown of Macau (Part 1) : Macau's Killer Queen

Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind... Anytime

Crown Towers Macau Review  38 Elevatorvesti

Elevator - 36

Table for three? Oh wait, this isn't a steakhouse, this is an elevator! The cloth shade on the wall mounted lamp in the elevator plus the fancy concentric circle design on the kick plate below the elevator buttons confused me for a second... my bad. When the doors opened two floors below on 36, I stepped out into the lobby and nearly gasped (top right).

The degree of care and detail that goes into selecting, cutting and installing this vertically reflective marble wall (accented by a most elegant ashtray and a slightly cockeyed elevator call button plate) on all thirty something floors probably had something to do with the delayed opening and higher than expected price tag incurred when building Crown Macau. The intersection of exquisite design using finest materials, assembled by true craftsmen is the gold plating on Crown Macau's much discussed sixth star.

On my second trip through this lobby en route to the casino, I stared at this veritable marble Roschach test for about 4 minutes and 33 seconds, searching its veins for meaning - internal, external and universal. I'd guess that most people who visit hotels don't stand in the elevator lobby, ruminating on a block of marble as if it were cut by Picasso or scored by John Cage. But here I stand, with bags full of clothes and technology carried by arms covered in gooseflesh. Staring at a wall. As if it were a painting by one of the masters. Wow.

Crown Towers Macau Review  Elevator Couch

This Ain't No Party... This Ain't No Disco

...this is the elevator lobby! This joint is so elegant, I'd feel underdressed in tux. The slant back couch seems to be missing a Johnnie Walker Blue-toting leggy redhead ('Hi, I'm Rula Lenska') and not much else. The window behind it peers south over downtown Taipa and, off in the distance, the Cotai Strip. That's the Venetian Macao off in the distance there. Objects in the window are further then they appear... it looks close because it's hugantic, emongous, hunormous and ginormous.

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