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Crown Towers Macau Review - 38th Floor Reception

38 - Reception

I entered reception (the entryway is to the left of this photo beyond the red couch) and was greeted by each of the receptionists verbally and with huge smiles. Their greetings weren't of the standard 'pretending to give a hoot flight attendant' style, but actually a genuine enthusiastic welcome. Maybe they're drunk on a steady stream of wide eyed visitors marveling at the beauty of the hotel, or they're the cream of the crop of hotel front desk employees, regardless their personal greeting was as welcoming as any I've ever experienced. Behind the reception desk (right wall) is a truly astounding view of downtown Macau's casinos twinkling in the distance. As if having my jaw dragging on the ground behind me leaving a trail of drool, they had to take my breath away as well. Wow.

At reception, there were no other guests checking in at the time and I was personally taken care of by Violet. She took my passport, credit card and confirmed all of my reservation details very quickly, calmly and carefully. When we were done with the specifics, she joined me and the bellman on the other side of the desk and escorted me to the hotel tower elevator bank just beyond a plush sitting area nearby.

Crown Towers Macau Review  38 Elevatorvesti

38 - Tower Elevators Landing

Ok. I get it now. Every corner of Crown Macau is going to be a study in elegant and studiously subtle consistent design. More white marble, now on the floors as well. The window at the far end has the same multi-paned rectangular motif as the giant window behind the reception desk. Another contrast to the marble flooring is the distressed mini-brick work on the archway entrance to the vestibule (see inset top right). I'm not exactly sure what the Crystal Club is, although I think it might be the reception lobby bar. "Club" is done in the same font as the classic Cadillac logo. Wow.

Violet and the bellman were extremely patient as I poked my nose around everything and touched all the walls, they appeared to be amused by my inquisitiveness, or maybe they know that this place is drop dead gorgeous (I'll guess the latter.) The three of us hopped into the elevator with the bellman cart carrying my stuff. Violet pressed 36.

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