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Inside MGM Grand Macau : Exclusive Photo Feature

Sneaky Peaky Inside MGM Grand Macau's Grande Praca

MGM Grand Macau Grand Praca Preview Photos -  Casino

Casino Entrance (facing due east)

As we deciphered from looking at the models, the casino entrance is on the east side of the Grande Praca. The window frames are painted lucky red! The Casino sign itself leaves one wanting more... I would expect a slightly snazzier font choice and a more elegant and romantic presentation. Hey... painter guy... you missed a spot.

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Nice pics Chuck.I can clarify some stuff for you.The 'Casino' sign will be the entrance to the VIP area on the main gaming floor.The main casino entrance is underneath the Grand Stair.The stairs do not go anywhere at the moment but will eventually provide access to the 2nd floor.

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