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Inside MGM Grand Macau : Exclusive Photo Feature

Sneaky Peaky Inside MGM Grand Macau's Grande Praca

MGM Grand Macau Grand Praca Preview Photos -  Stairs

Open Air Cafe (facing north east)

The MGM Grand Macau's Grande Praca contains a glossary of every type of classical architectural technique ever catalogued. Elegant columns, arches, vaults, geisons, finials and pilasters of every order era and dimension are tastefully displayed in a virtual who's who of architectural forms. The addition of the massive arching skylight and the sloping blobitechture of MGM Grand Macau's hotel tower and you get a truly fascinating mash up of design styles. In a word... wow.

I gathered from my meeting with the MGMMirage people in Macau that ground floor of the yellow and green floral painted facade will be an open air cafe. Check out the bamboo scaffolding - old habits die hard.

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Nice pics Chuck.I can clarify some stuff for you.The 'Casino' sign will be the entrance to the VIP area on the main gaming floor.The main casino entrance is underneath the Grand Stair.The stairs do not go anywhere at the moment but will eventually provide access to the 2nd floor.

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