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The Pool at Wynn Macau

Photos and commentary from Wynn Macau's chocolate lagoon

The Pool at Wynn Macau - Turtlepond

Ka Da Turtle Fountains

The terrace by the entrance to Okada features a small fountain display with four turtles shooting water out of their mouths.

In Chinese culture, the turtle symbolizes longevity and is also believed to have magic that unites the heavens and the earth. Wynn Macau, heaven on earth? Possibly. Additionally, the Chinese believe that turtles have a symbiotic relationship with the dragon, both are considered equals. The dragon cannot be damaged by the turtle due to its low stature, in turn the dragon is unable to crush the turtle due to its shell.

The ornate carvings on these statuettes look quite a bit more like dragons than turtles. They also have very similar artistic style as the lion outside the front door (Stevzi!) of Wynn Macau and Wynn Las Vegas.

The Okada restaurant was scheduled to open with the Red 8 casino expansion the week following my trip, therefore the adjoining Okada pool terrace was closed. The whole area had a "do not enter" sign which, of course, I ignored. It would take quite a bit more than clearly posted placards to keep me from taking pics of the turtles.

I'd do anything for Macau trippers, including getting booted from the hotel for trespassing!

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Nice write up! I feel like I was there!Quick question - are you sure the restaurant is called Ka Da and that it's not a Macau outpost of Okada, the Japanese restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas? I ask because Okada at WLV uses the same 'Circle-O' logo.

Remind me next time to run everything Wynn related through you before I make further bumbling mistakes. Okada. Duh.

cool writeup. wasn't convinced that the pool needed a writeup at first but this one was worth it. i'm also glad you commented at the end what i kept thinking the whole time reading: "where is everyone?" i'm not a huge pool guy either but sometimes it's kinda nice chill-axin with a beverage poolside. especially so with one as unique as the wynn macau's looks

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